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The slender palm trees leaning over the white sand, the warm sun sparkling on the waves as they break on the inshore reef, the outrigger fishing boats drawn up high on the beach. This is alone real; the rest is but a dream from which I shall presently awake -ARTHUR C. CLARKE-

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Water Falls in Sri Lanka

  • Aberdeen Falls

    Aberdeen Falls 98m high, are situated on the Kehelgomu Oya, which flows out of the Castlereagh Reservoir near Dickoya. The name is derived from the former Aberd...more

  • Ahupini Ella

    Ahupini Ella waterfall also called `Ahupini Falls` is a lovely waterfall that can be seen from the historic town of Aranayake.

    Alakola Falls

    The 60m fall is served by the Oban River, which follows the shape of a large 'V' beginning at the Buwalpola Mountain (1955m). The fall is situated in the Hangur...more

  • Arambe Falls

    The 54m Arambe Fall's name originates from the 'arama' through which it flows - an area of jungle, rich in resources such as food, wood, water and medicinal plan...more

  • Bakers Falls

    This 22m fall is noted for the tremendous noise created by water pounding the large rock formation at its foot. Forming part of the Belihul River, it is surround...more

  • Ahasabokku Falls

    Ahasabokku Falls in the Kalutara District can be reached when you go on the Matugama - Baduraliya road to Kalawana pass. From Athweltota go ahead for 5km up ...more

  • Beruwatta Falls

    Beruwatta fall is a 50m-high fall, set amongst tea plantations and a plethora of mountainous flora and fauna, formed by the convergence of several brooks or...more

  • Bambarakanda Falls

    Bambarakanda Falls (also known as Bambarakele Falls) is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. With a height of 263 m (863 ft), it ranks as the 299th highest ...more

  • Bomburuella Falls

    Bomburuella waterfall is very beautiful waterfall of Sri Lanka and which is at Uva - Paranagama division of Badulla District of Sri Lanka. Bpmburuella wate...more

  • Bopath Ella Falls

    Bopath Ella a is a waterfall situated in the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka. It has a shape very similar to the leaf of the Sacred fig or "Bo" tree, which has earned ...more

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Dhoni Mighili Island

An expanse of the whitest coral sand, which turns a coral pink shade at sunset. This is often the be... more

Amaya Lake

Enter into a world reminiscent of days gone by with the distant sound of Raban. A blend of rich cult... more

Amaya Hills

Amaya Hills is found nestled in one of the most historically significant locations in Sri Lanka - Ka... more